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SimsUshare Bronze Package

This license allows any number of users on up to seven (7) computers to create and edit an unlimited number of simulations using the SimsUshare Network app. The Network version includes the feature to allow users to create and share multiple simulation folders on a shared network drive, as well as to run the program from a shared network drive.

This package includes the SimsUshare CTC capability to store any twelve (12) simulations on SimCloud at a time and conduct up to two (2) CTC multiplayer exercises with up to twelve (12) participants in each exercise.
Full phone, email, and instructional video (web) support are included.

Cost is US $845.00/year. You will receive notifications up to one (1) month prior to your renewal date. On your renewal date, your license will automatically be renewed if you are enrolled in auto-pay (by credit card). If you do not want to be enrolled in auto-pay, please contact us ( or +1.215.627.8146) to cancel your subscription. If you choose not to renew, you can still play all your simulations using the Free Sim Viewer.

$ 845.00

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